It’s Time to Secure Your Growth: Why Well-Funded Branches Invest in Public Library Charging Stations

When most people think about how libraries make money to continue to operate, expand their collections, and pay their employees, most think of book fines and media rentals. But this is small change. Funding and financial donations is what fuels a library’s ability to grow and increase their revenue. Funding can come from the state and federal governments, from non-profits, and from private donors. In fact, private donors have been known to build entire wings to libraries, update their technology, and modernice the facility. 

But in order to be at the top of the list for receiving financial support and donations, libraries have to offer tremendous value to the city and its community members. Considering the fact that more than 95% of working adults use their mobile phones and other devices, in one way or more, at least three times every hour, investing in public library charging stations from a top commercial phone charging station designer, is a solid growth-driven move. Why? Because public library charging stations will attract more people: parents can plug in their devices and work while their kids participate in educational programs, students can plug in to work on school assignments, and a number of other people are attracted to the library simply because it offers a multi device charging station to accommodate their needs thus making the environment user-friendly. 

Those who aren’t familiar with the inner workings of libraries think they earn their revenue by collecting fines on overdue or lost books, or on DVD rentals. But these areas actually make up a small portion of their earned revenue. Instead, school libraries get funding from government and state officials and organizations, alumni, and even legacy parents. 

Efficient Libraries Get More Funding, and Phone Charging Stations Drive Efficiency

Most public libraries have computers for guests to use. Whether they have three or four on a large table, a row of 12 at a counter, or a computer lab separated from the main space, they fill up quickly. In some cases, there are time limitations (who can get a project completed in an hour?). Some libraries use sign up sheets, but simply managing these can take away lots of time from employees and lower the level of customer service.  But when you add a few public library charging stations, whether they are worktables or floor-standing models, you give more people access to the Internet by allowing them to use their own devices, the waiting list isn’t as crazy, and people will be happier and give the library top reviews (donors read these). 

Library Charging Stations Make Book Spaces

Libraries don’t just provide books to community members, they bring in money for the city by hosting special events. For example, book signings, public readings, special lectures, presentations, and workshops. People, companies and organizations will be more open to having their event at your facilities if there are several public library charging stations for their team to use, as well as invitees and guests. Not only does this create a warmer environment for VIPs, but all of the visitors these events attract helps fuel the local economy, as people tend to eat, drink and shop in the same town or city vacinities near their target location. 

Contact a company that makes custom public library charging stations today, and discover how they can help make you the most innovative library in your state.